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Helping you build a culture you can be truly proud of

I’m committed to helping you build an organizational culture of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. A culture that fosters pride and joy in those who work for and with you.

(And you can form your very own JEDI council. Who doesn’t love that?)

Let’s face it

A majority of workers in the United States say that focusing on JEDI initiatives is a good thing.

So why is it so hard?

According to social psychologist Dr. Aarti Iyer, there are three main fears to perceived threats behind opposition to JEDI policies and education:

  • A fear of losing opportunities and existing resources.
  • A fear of changing the status quo and creating new expectations.
  • A fear about possibly contributing to the perpetuation of inequality and a concern about the morality of the “ingroup”.
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What can we do about it?

First, recognize these fears are a rational human response. My approach tackles these fears head-on while maintaining an optimistic perspective.

  • It’s normal to worry about losing opportunities in any situation. Just remember, we’re not uprooting trees to make room for wildflowers. We’re finding room among them where they can both support each other.
  • Change is scary, and social groups are naturally resistant to change. But change is also an opportunity to grow and learn, and learning is fun!
  • No one enjoys learning that they may have hurt someone. But causing that kind of harm doesn’t automatically make you a bad person. It just means you have a new opportunity to learn and improve.

Education without reservation

In today’s world of perfect advocacy and charged politics, it can feel daunting to approach such a complicated topic like DEI. It’s normal to feel like walking on eggshells. But I believe you deserve to learn in an environment that provides the space to make mistakes. Regardless of your needs, there’s a solution to support you.

“Lunch n’ Learn” Trainings

Not just for lunch breaks! These short-form training sessions are designed to be casual, entertaining, and engaging, while also being educational, and end with a ‘no judgement’ Q&A segment.

Policy Audits

Need some help reviewing your internal policies and standards to make sure they’re inclusive and creating a diverse culture?

Customized Support

Sometimes the situation is unique and doesn’t quite fit in a specific box. Whatever support your organization needs, I can help you on your way to becoming JEDI masters.

“I’ve attended several of Dany’s lunch and learn talks and each time I’ve learned something new. Dany beautifully balances entry-level education with deep cuts so there is something for every attendee. Her presentations are engaging and interactive and her sense of humor really makes it fun!”

Ally Stoneham

Chief of Staff, International Living Future Institute

It has been my honor to work with a variety of organizations.

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Wichita State University home
Bristol Meyers Squibb home. Juno Therapeutics is a subsidiary of BMS.
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Ready to get started?

Harness the Force of belonging and, together, we’ll navigate the path to a more inclusive galaxy. Join me on this mission to embody the wisdom and resilience of a true JEDI master.